vendita cornici decorate in provincia di Pisa
Toscana Forever - Loc. La Capannina di Cevoli di Lari, Pisa
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Cornici decorate a mano
Toscana Forever artigianato toscano di qualità a prezzi di convenienza
Lavorazione artigianale legno e gesso
The love for our land, our history, our artistic and cultural traditions that take us back in time, these are the values that generates Toscana Forever. These products are manufactured according to the most ancient techniques of works of Florentine art of the end of the 1600. Plaster sculptures, glues and waxes of time past make our articles real works of art. "Decorate and Furnish with Art" is a passion that gives emotions.
Toscana Forever - cornici decorate, specchiere artigianali, lampadari classici, statue di legno, consoles anticate, testate per letti, appliques e sovrapporta in stile   Toscana Forever - produzione e vendita di cornici, specchiere complementi e oggetti d'arredamento artigianali

Our job is the result of passion, experience, continuous research and experimentation to discover cheats, solutions and secrets of the great masters of Italian and Tuscan art in every age. You immediately perceive the value of each of these products from long distance, but getting closer to these artifacts, they discover the details: the polychrome paintings antiqued, warm golden, rich brushstrokes and the texture of wax, they create that enchantment, the magic that so many of our customers know.

Who discovers for the first time, our artistic production, immediately understands to be in front of something unique, discoverede that these are accessories that decorate and make shine the environment in which they are placed, with its vitality of those things, that are the result of a process of love.

Cornici decorate
  Toscana Forever / Our Products  
  Frames painted frames, works in gold  
  Mirrors Gilt mirrors, artistic mirrors, ornate mirrors, artistic decorations  
  Aged appliqués, antiqued appliques  
  Consoles Consoles with top glass, antique consoles  
  Door Lintels painted ornamental panel, artistic door lintel, ornamental panel with hand-painted landscapes  
  Headboards headboards, quilted headboards, personalized headboards, upholstered headboards  
  Statues sculptures, statue gilded cherubs, holy, wood cupids  
  Plaster Art decorative elements in plaster, columns, capitals, statues, plaster frames, ornamental figures  
  Lamps table lamps, chandeliers, dressing table lamps, bed-side table lamps  
  wood table hand made decorated in Tuscany Tables ornamental old style tables, italian handmade decorated table, wooden art made in Italy, wood  
  Others Particular items, unique items, customizations  

specchiere artigianali

specchiere decorate
lampadari in stile antico per arredamanti
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