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Toscana Forever / The Shop
Toscana Forever artigianato toscano di qualità a prezzi di convenienza
Lavorazione artigianale legno e gesso
New! Now you can visit us directly in our art workshop. The laboratory is situated nearby the old shop: keep the second way on the right along Via del Commercio in direction of Ponsacco.
You will have the chance to see where and how our products and of course exclusive to inspect the finished products, displayed in a special area showroom.
Admission is free, come and visit us...

Il nuovo indirizzo è: Via Catullo, 17 - Loc. La Capannina di Cevoli di Lari (Pisa)

The laboratory has a large showroom, within which are exposed some artifacts of our best production: frames, mirrors, lamps, chandeliers, consoles, ornamental panel, appliqués, statues, headboards, decorative door lintel, hand-madeartistic frames, quilted headboards, artistic chalk sculptures, columns, capitals, statues, plaster frames, ornate mirrors, table lamps, statue gilded cherubs, bed-side table lamps and more...

Visit us directly at the art workshop, we will be pleased to introduce our products and to illustrate the peculiarity and perhaps also to tell stories and anecdotes of a Tuscany that no longer exists, but still lives on in the materials, forms and the colors of all our handicraft products.

Our show room is constantly evolving. A living place, trying to show in the many aspects of his vibrant and indomitable creative spirit. We try to transfer into the store all the passion of our workshop, exposing both classic traditional objects that true artistic prototypes, and as often happens, people love them for their authentic and original character.
Our art workshop always looks very nice, in order to fully understand the extraordinary variety of craft products and the quality of their finishes. Admission is free and we will be glad to explain the features of all our manufactured. If requested, we can suggest you how to furnish your home.
  Toscana Forever / Our Products  
  Frames painted frames, works in gold  
  Mirrors Gilt mirrors, artistic mirrors, ornate mirrors, artistic decorations  
  Aged appliqués, antiqued appliques  
  Consoles Consoles with top glass, antique consoles  
  Door Lintels painted ornamental panel, artistic door lintel, ornamental panel with hand-painted landscapes  
  Headboards headboards, quilted headboards, personalized headboards, upholstered headboards  
  Statues sculptures, statue gilded cherubs, holy, wood cupids  
  Plaster Art decorative elements in plaster, columns, capitals, statues, plaster frames, ornamental figures  
  Lamps table lamps, chandeliers, dressing table lamps, bed-side table lamps  
  wood table hand made decorated in Tuscany Tables ornamental old style tables, italian handmade decorated table, wooden art made in Italy, wood  
  Others Particular items, unique items, customizations  

TOSCANA FOREVER Via Catullo, 17 - Loc. La Capannina - Cevoli di Lari (Pisa) - 56035 - Tel./Fax + 39 0587 685400